Victorian Reptiles

For all creatures reptile and scaly, Victorian Reptiles has the lot!

Located in Hoppers Crossing, our shop has a huge range of live reptiles including pythons, skinks, monitor lizards and much much more! You can also pick up everything you need to care for your new pet including UV lighting, heating, books, thermostats, thermometers, habitats, decorations, hides, health and medication equipment and all handling equipment.

We deliver

Need something but can't get to us? Give us a call and we'll take your order and arrange for payment and shipping direct to you.

We deal in a wide range of happy and healthy reptiles including:

  • Pythons
  • Tree Snakes
  • Dragons
  • Monitors
  • Skinks
  • Geckos
  • Legless Lizards
  • Turtles
  • Frogs
  • Fish

Call Victorian Reptiles for all the information and equipment you need today!

Snake Removal

24 hour snake removal for any scaly friends that might be in the wrong spot! 

Are you worried about snakes and reptiles? We’re the local experts when it comes to controlling displaced or nuisance reptiles. With more than 10 licensed local reptile controllers, someone will be available to help you. Our snake catcher will be at your place as fast as they possibly can. Snake removal requires special training and qualifications. We aim to safely remove snakes without harming anyone, including the snake. We can also give you some helpful tips on how to reduce the likelihood of snake encounters. We’re open 7 days a week, 24 hours a day for your safety and convenience. Call now for fast and professional service. 

Our competitively priced range covers everything a reptile enthusiast could ever need including:

  • Enclosures, Fittings & Decorations
  • Incubation, Heating & Lighting Equipment
  • Live Food, Packaged Food & Supplements
  • Health, Medication & Sanitisation Products
  • Handling & Husbandry Equipment
  • Reference Materials
  • Fish & Fish Tanks
  • Aquarium Accessories & Pharmaceuticals
  • Aquatic Plants
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